Tom Kline, RK Auto Group, Virginia Beach, VA

It was truly a pleasure to work with you in every sense. First, and most importantly, Lisa and I appreciated your doing exactly what you said that you were going to do. In our opinion (and experience) this is a rare but extremely valuable commodity. You competed the house on time and on budget. You demonstrated an “old school” business style. When you said you would do something, you did it. Period. (And that was the end of it!) Being able to have that relationship with you was enjoyable and made the process “fun”. Our home is wonderful. You sculpted a magnificent work of art. It represents your commitment to your customers. You are proud of the house you built and we are pleased to live in it. Our home is a quality product. This is clearly evident by your (very apparent) attention to the details. You paid attention and that makes all the difference! We would be happy to relay our experience to any potential customers that you may have. Thanks for a great job. You are a hard working, skilled, and a terrific guy. Thanks.

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