Al & MaryBeth

My wife and I purchased a home from Andy Kopassis in the fall of 2011 in the Heritage Park section of Virginia Beach. We had been looking for a home for a number of months when we fell in love with a home that was built by Mr. Kopassis. It is a home with great features and fine details. It is apparent to us the pride and workmanship that Andy puts into his homes. After purchasing the home there were only a few minor issues that were quickly fixed. I had an opportunity to speak to a few of Mr. Kopassis’s sub contractors while they completed the work. The common theme of our conversation was that Mr. Kopassis was an extremely hard builder to work for because he was always on the job site making sure that the sub contractors were not taking short cuts just trying to finish the job as quickly as possible so they could move on to another project. Mr. Kopassis goes over and above what we feel Most builders do. This past fall season we had a pending hurricane heading up the east coast that was expected to produce a large amount of rain fall. I observed Mr. Kopassis in the back yard of one of his homes that was just built and the back yard grade was not properly done. Mr. Kopassis was not just standing there supervising, he had a yard rack in his hand and he was involved attempting to correct the problem. I told my wife that I wished we had more builders in the city of Virginia Beach like Mr. Kopassis that are more concerned about the product then just making a dollar.

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