Andy Kopassis

Andy Kopassis had an early dream of becoming a builder. At the age of eighteen, he emigrated from Greece to Norfolk, Virginia where he became a professional painter handling all new construction and residential homes. He worked with several prominent builders in the Tidewater Area. With his passion for quality building, Andy entered the building industry in 1972. A true visionary, Andy knew exactly what his life’s passion would be, to help buyers create their dream.“There’s a great sense of pride in visiting a home that you built years ago to see that it has not only withstood the test of time in terms of design and durability but to be welcomed in by a homeowner as happy to see you as the day you handed them the keys!” This unique combination of experience, skill, vision, and integrity has provided Andy Kopassis with the ability to create truly remarkable homes.

Andy is on site daily working with subcontractors to ensure that all quality requirements are fulfilled.

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